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Durable and High-Quality Nest Swing


Have your children outgrown their current swing? Get them this sturdy child-round Nest Swing that can be used both indoors and outside. The swing measuring 100cm by 40 inches is capable of supporting as much as 400lbs, making it an ideal swing for both children and adults. Your children will love to lay down and sit, spin, and/or swing on it.

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Nest Swing

As a child, most of your fondest childhood memories involved playing on a swing. Tree swings are incredible play items that both adults and kids alike can enjoy. Nest swings are slowly rising to become one of the most famous play items in parks and backyards. As an outdoor playset, a nest swing can serve as a great addition to your yard.

Our 40’ nest swings boast an incredibly soft foam base that surrounds the swing for high comfort. This nest model will take your fun and excitement to the next level. The broad base gives it high versatility on the different ways you can ride it. Perfect for laying on the back, sitting up, sitting on the knees, or even laying on your stomach, there are endless possibilities for these nest swings. Owing to its simple design and structure, this nest swing will have you ready to enjoy unlimited fun in less than an hour. You only need to feed the tube sections with the nylon cover then secure them with the washers and bolts on the suspensions.

The nest swing comes with a comfortable and large fabric base that can accommodate up to 3 kids. The steel tube is padded while the suspension pads are covered with a nylon cover to avoid pinching during playtime. The nylon cover offers adequate ventilation and drainage. Additionally, it can be easily removed for washing. Owing to its adjustable suspension, the nest swing can easily be adjusted for mounting in most play areas. This outdoor playset is the perfect choice for your backyard. Its sturdy construction ensures durability for years to come while you get the excellent chance of watching your kids enjoy endless hours of fun. However, this doesn’t mean that adults can’t get involved, our nest swings are meant for users of all ages who can enjoy its fun swinging sensation.

Approved High Strength Steel Frame

EVA foam padded sturdy steel frame, totally safe and comfortable for kids and adults, strong load capacity.

Easy For Storage Detachable Design

Assembles in minutes. To ensure long-term use, after you finish collect it properly and do not put it under the rain or sun.

Large Enough For Multiple Children

With 1 Meter/40 inch diameter, this swing is large enough and suitable for multiple children to sit freely. Recommended for ages 5 and up.


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