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To be the first in producing the recognizable Round Swing design is taking a lot of time and research. But, now we are here!


The design was initially created by a group of knowledgeable people in the design world, implementing their experience in the final Round Swings products.


The development process is nothing more than a walk in the park! Our team of experts is making it looks easy but still executed with great attention to details.


Maintaining the Round Swings quality over the years is a never-ending process. We are keeping with the newest trends and always trying to improve!


The main focus of the Round Swings company is our client's satisfaction. We are ready to lead you through the whole process from the start till the end.


The shipping process will be visible from the comfort of your couch. You will be provided with a tracking code so you can have an on-time update on the delivery.

Round Swings

The Round Swings company

The idea for the Round Swings company was born back in 2008 when a group of enthusiasts came together for one single purpose – to build the most fun and comfortable tree swings the world has ever seen! From our start till now, we have sold more than 15,000 swings globally, and we are not stopping here! Our store is constantly expanding and looking for new round tree swing ideas that will fit as a perfect addition to anyone’s backyard.

In the beginning, these swings were supposed to bring fun and joy only to the kids. But over time, the capacity of our swings was increased dramatically so that now they can carry more than 400lbs, and the possibilities are limitless! If you are a kid hungry for fun or an adult that wants to bring back his childhood memories, the fun is yours!

The first on the market.

The two things that separate Round Swings from any other seller on the market are our long tradition and exceptional attention to detail. The quality of every tree swing we sell is on another level, and the safety of our products is always guaranteed.